I'M HERE TO HELP YOU build your dream business by brainstorming, strategizing, fresh ideas, tools & connections.

Kelly helps creative female entrepreneurs bring their dreams into fruition.

I am your struggle solution! All of my experience and relationship building in my careers and years in networking (since I was 18 years old), has established me as an expert among my peers. I enjoy seeing others succeed and live up to their potential. I also first-hand know the importance of being surrounded and supported by encouraging women and I want everyone else to experience that as well. 

The ladies of the Boss Ladies community described Kelly as unstoppable, connected, genuine, uplifting, compassionate, engaging, tenacious with all heart, inspiring, faithful, authentic and kind. 

I'm here to help you build your dream biz.


The greatest form of flattery is a referral! We welcome lady entrepreneurs (no matter what stage you're in) to connect with this special crew of other like minded ladies to build genuine relationships, gain support, feel inspired, learn and have FUN!

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